Long hiatus… And Gimped Kdrama Mishmash

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Dear readers,

It’s been a long hiatus. I feel irresponsible, as a blogger. Many changes have transpired during the time I haven’t been blogging. Also, I realized a few things that I have overlooked before.


I discovered that blogs don’t seem like an ideal format for a mishmash of things, which I have been wanting to do. A blog usually falls under a certain category, such as “Kdrama blog,” “foodie blog,” “photography blog,” “art blog,” etcetra. I thought it would be fun to attempt blogging a variety of things. So I randomly jumped into blogging about anything I wanted. As a side note, I also wanted to hang around the Kdrama community but then I realized that even though I enjoy Kdramas, I don’t watch them or keep up-to-date with them nearly enough to produce interesting content about them. Perhaps it was a good experience for me, though… I didn’t commit to blogging here once I started, so I would just like to apologize to other bloggers who try to regularly post articles despite dealing with a busy schedule. *bows deeply*

I’ve been a Deviantart convert. That’s where I’ve been kept busy, and also I discovered that I wanted my blog to be on Deviantart, not WordPress. For an artist who wants to interact a lot with other artsy friends in a way similar to using social media, and for someone who wants to post a mishmash of stuff be it as art or journals, it’s heaven. So, I’ve jumped ship and switched blogging websites. I’m sorry, dearest readers! *cries* Thank you to all who followed my blog… I truly appreciate it! <333 I don’t really know what I’ll do with this blog, but… the only thing for certain is that it won’t be very active.😦


That’s all I have to say… Okay, today’s post will have some gimped (freebie’s version of Photoshop) pictures that I have done before, for my fav Kdramas. I was planning on dumping them in a blog post someday so I guess today is my chance! Hope you enjoy~😀 Continue reading

Fanart Dump: Super Junior Siwon, JYJ Jaejoong, f(x) Amber, Girl’s Generation Sunny


(Note by MidnightRamenAttack: Today’s post is a fanart dump. All pictures in this post were drawn by my sister, LastJuniorStanding. She couldn’t wait to post all her stuff on her new Deviantart account, so I guess I’ll just have to make this “dump” to promote them. Wow… is this blog turning into a fanart blog? Perhaps, in a way. Don’t worry, there will be some written blog content soon, hopefully. Links to the full-sized images on her Deviantart account in each picture’s title. Please share some thoughts and fangirling, or fanboying, in the comments!)

Post by LastJuniorStanding

Super Junior Choi Siwon

For the whole story of how this picture came to be, I started this picture around this time last year (near the time I first discovered Super Junior’s Miracle), but I just finished it a few weeks ago… Funny, isn’t it?

Hmmm…. *thinks* How many pictures of Siwon have I drawn so far? If you haven’t caught on yet, Siwon is my favorite member. Hehe… This particular picture Continue reading

Fanart: Song Joong-Ki Pencil Drawing


(Note by MidnightRamenAttack: Introducing guest blogger LastJuniorStanding, my second-youngest sister and an amazing artist! She decided to draw Song Joong-Ki to “increase views for my blog” since he’s sooooo popular. I have added her introduction to the About Me page so go take a look! End of note)

My first fanart post on Unnie’s blog! I actually have a lot of fanart that I’ve drawn so far, but I chose this one among all of them because it’s my most recent one. We have only seen the first episode of Descendants of the Sun so far but we hope to catch up on more! For the full-sized picture, visit my Deviantart page here!

My Deviantart site: http://lastjuniorstanding.deviantart.com/

As I have a more quick, sketchy style than my eldest sister, most of my pictures haven’t turned out that perfect, and are of much lesser quality than my sister’s. Another difference is that I take a much shorter time than my Unnie and I don’t measure at all. (Note by MidnightRamenAttack: I have to draw crosshairs and measure my picture to draw a face accurately. It really takes talent to draw a portrait just by looking at a face! She can also shade much faster than I can and has a lovely and unique style of drawing. I hope to get as good as my sister is someday… End of note)

This picture is specially dedicated to my mother, who is a fan of his… LOL. She became a fan of Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo after watching Descendants of the Sun. She had marathoned the series in just a few days. She rarely fangirls over people but she actually spent a whole night looking up specials and interviews about him, complimenting him all the while! We three laughed and joked about it. We showed her my picture as a Mother’s Day gift. “You are something else! That’s a perfect gift!” She laughed. It was worth all the work!

Anyways, I had fun drawing this picture, and although it didn’t take too long, I worked a little harder on it and took a little extra time than I usually do. Here’s the step-by-step process:

107_7016.JPG Continue reading

Tutorial: How to Make a Deviantart Account


You may have some inspiring sketches you’ve drawn, painted masterpieces, or awesome photoshopped/CG images lying around and can’t for the life of you decide how to show them to the world.

The answer: Deviantart.com, the largest art sharing site on the web. You can connect with like-minded artists and even earn money by selling prints of your picture on this multi-purpose site, and it’s totally free. There are tons of fanart pictures by both beginners and experts that will be sure to inspire your artistic spirit. Here’s how you make a Deviantart account. Continue reading

Fanart: Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Pencil Drawing


First fanart post on internet. The full-sized picture is available here.

My Deviantart site:

For aspiring fanartists, Deviantart is a site where artists, beginner or expert, can post their random scribbles or amazing masterpieces. It’s the biggest website on the internet for self-made art, CG or traditional. I highly recommend hanging out there or posting art!

Step-by-step process of the first stages of drawing:

1_Line_Drawing.JPG Continue reading

Impressive Oldies: Impress the Older Korean Folks! “The Man in the Yellow Shirt”

노란셔츠의 사나이 - 김연자 (1961,한명숙) 2013-08-12 가요무대 - 독일공연 Full HD.mp4_snapshot_00.16_[2016.04.30_01.10.49].jpg

First of all, I would like to say a big Thank You in this post for Snoopy’s Twinkie‘s kind correspondence with me during the past few days. She had even written a post about sibling love here because my sister, LastJuniorStanding, sent her an email asking for blogging tips to help me out! Snoopy’s Twinkie kindly sent some good tips on connecting through social networking, which I knew woefully little of, and the very next day, she put up a post about siblings promoting my blog! That was so sweet of her! *sends big hug*

For today’s post, I’ll be introducing a new category for my blog: Impressive Oldies. Are you a Kpopper who also wants to connect with the older Korean generation? Or do you just feel a need to get to know some older Korean pop songs to tuck away in your collection of “I Know That Song?” You’re not alone… Sometimes it’s just good to have a bunch of oldies under your belt to impress the older Korean relatives or, if you have none, the Korean restaurant owner ajummas and ajeosshis! Today’s post will be about a song and singer who my mom loves, “The Man in the Yellow Shirt” sung by Kim Yeon-Ja. FYI, Kim Yeon-Ja is not the original singer of the song, but we love this version so that’s what we’re going with.

man in yellow hat - Copy - Copy.JPG
Don’t get this song mixed up with Curious George’s owner! Continue reading

Parody Recap: Super Junior’s MV “Swing”

RecapToday’s post will actually be a recap… of an MV. “But aren’t recaps for dramas?” you may ask. NO. They can be for funny MVs, too. This MV (Super Junior-M’s Swing) came out 2 years ago, but I don’t care. I’m recapping it anyway!

Super Junior-M_SWING_Music Video (KOR ver.).mp4_snapshot_00.02_[2015.11.28_13.14.58].jpg

Nothing special here, folks… just a yellow-and-black-toned high-rise office full of your average (?) sit-down worker Joes, trying to earn their salaries. Of course, not everyone wants to work. Or does anyone want to work, even? You cannot really tell whether Siwon is whooping at something he googled, or hollering at the avalanche of dull assignments sent to him along with the note that every single one of them must be sent back completed by midnight. Either way…

Super Junior-M_SWING_Music Video (KOR ver.).mp4_snapshot_00.04_[2015.11.28_13.21.17] - Copy.jpg

Zhou Mi rises from desk with his cup of coffee in a mug (subtly branded Ultra Design Company, a PPL without a doubt) in hand, impatient that his brain cannot absorb the lingo in the papers handed to him directly by the CEO. Continue reading